Climate Change - How Catastrophic Is It?

A series of seven presentations by Mike Atkinson

Mike Atkinson

Although his formal qualification is in chemistry, Mike spent much of his working life in the process measurement and control industry, albeit mostly with a chemical bias.  

Areas of most activity have been the design and implementation of gas analysis (mainly oxygen, thermal conductivity and non-dispersive infra-red), pH measurement, and auto wet-chemical analysis, with minor activity in temperature, flow and pressure measurement.  

For the last 28 years of his working life, before retiring in 2008, he set up and managed his own company (Hitech Instruments Ltd, now absorbed into Eaton, a large U.S. group) which designed, manufactured and sold, gas analysers.

Patrick Mitchell - Guest Presenter

Patrick studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate and subsequently took post graduate qualifications in computer science and control systems analysis.

He was initially employed in the aviation industry where he worked on autopilots and the application of digital computers to flight control.  The development of computer simulations of physical systems was a good basis for understanding climate models.  

He moved to Cambridge to work in technology consulting and worked for several start-ups in this area, maintaining an interest in aviation by flying small planes around the fens.  

His interest in climate science arose from looking at the data behind the predictions and especially the statistical methods used for analysis.  He is also interested in how we generate electrical power and the likely future for our grid system and renewables.