Climate Change - How Catastrophic Is It?

A series of seven presentations by Patrick Mitchell and Mike Atkinson

1 – General Introduction – 17th Jan - Link

What we are and are not proposing/suggesting
Brief history of concern about man’s effect on the Earth etc.
The origins of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
The IPCC reports

The Paris Accord

2 – Temperature – 24th Jan - Link

Measurement methods
Accuracy and locations
Comparison with the past

3 – Weather & Climate – 31st Jan  - Link

What is weather and what is climate
Floods, hurricanes

Sea level

Arctic and Antarctic ice

Ocean acidification

Ozone hole

4 – A Look at the Media Messages - 7th Feb - Link

The ‘97% of scientist agree’ statements

BBC Coverage


Group Discussion

5 – Climate Modelling – 14th Feb - Link

The ‘greenhouse’ effect

What is a ‘model’?
Different types of model
Comparisons of models

How good are they at hindcasting and forecasting?

6 - Consequences of Climate Change Act – 21st Feb - Link

Energy/Electricity Production?

Energy in the absence of fossil fuels – cost and ‘quality’?

7 - Wrap-up Group Discussion – 28th Feb