Climate Change - How Catastrophic Is It?

A series of seven presentations by Mike Atkinson

Dr Roy Spencer’s site, which gives a good oversight with some lay and expert comments.

Judith Curry’s site - some excellent analysis of climate change and some other issues

Some interesting videos

An interview with Judith Curry

Prof. Richard Lindzen and Prof. Hadi Dowlatabadi - exchange of views

Some sceptical sites

Watts Up With That

Not A Lot Of People Know That

Prof. Richard Lindzen talk at CATO about the way science is funded and carried out in academia

Clive Best’s site

Some interesting papers

Up-to-date paper on the greenhouse effect

No Tricks Zone

Somewhat off-topic - YouTube video of Sunday Politics item on diesel particulates

Link to a site that produces alternative reports to the IPCC.

A paper on 180 years of CO2 measurements

An Analysis of Greenpeace’s Business Model & Philosophy

Wood for the Trees

Source of a variety of data