Climate Change - How Catastrophic Is It?

A series of seven presentations by Patrick Mitchell and Mike Atkinson

Dr Roy Spencer’s site, which gives a good oversight with some lay and expert comments.

Anthony Watts blog (Watts Up With That), one of the first and most prominent sites. Has a very comprehensive set of articles and links, including many to other sites of varying complexions.

Judith Curry’s site - some excellent analysis of climate change issues

Not A Lot Of People Know That

Global Warming Policy Foundation - Topical issues and some good essays

Some Cambridge University research.

Somewhat off-topic - YouTube video of Sunday Politics item on diesel particulates

Link to an excellent book, Chill,  written by environmentalist Peter Taylor.

Climate: The Counter Consensus

The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

Link to a site that produces alternative reports to the IPCC.

Some useful books and reports Some interesting videos

An interview with Judith Curry

Professor Bob Carter - The Faux 97% Consensus

Prof.Richard Lindzen - Requires some science knowledge in parts  

The WHO Exaggerates future global warming mortality

Extreme Weather Events & Global Warming -

 How Good Is The Evidence?

A new case study on Groupthink - long (120+p) but worth a read if you have the time

A short essence of the above (5 pages)

Some sceptical sites Miscellaneous

The link to some satellite CO2 data

A long, but interesting and informative, paper on why scientists disagree