Climate Change - How Catastrophic Is It?

A series of seven presentations by Patrick Mitchell and Mike Atkinson

This course will examine some of the commonly stated views on climate change and how man’s activities affect the planet.

Reports in the mass media come from a variety of sources, including activist organisations.  How accurate are these reports? Are we receiving a balance of views, including from others who take a contrary position when analysing the data?  We will examine some of the data and conclusions reached.

Political attempts to limit emissions, generated by the burning of fossil fuels, include policies with far-reaching economic consequences (e.g. in energy sources, energy usage, and power generation). What are these policies hoping to achieve, and can they be successful?

We will present an alternative view, based on the work of acclaimed scientists in the field, and data from official organisations.  You may not agree with us, but we hope you will find the information, arguments and discussions interesting.